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Rapid Recovery Joint Replacement Surgery

The pain caused by arthritis is severe and it affects your daily life activities. Total or partial joint replacement is a procedure to replace the diseased (arthritic) parts of the joint with artificial joint components (usually the surfaces of the ends of the bones). Joint replacement surgery is becoming an increasingly common and best way of treating Osteoarthritis.

Commonly performed joint replacement surgeries are Knee and Hip replacement surgeries.

Hip and knee joint replacement surgeries are one of the great medical advances of the 20th century. Many eminent surgeons and scientists have added to its development over the past few decades. This has seen the continuous development of techniques, surgical equipment and implant technology. Although this can significantly improve many people’s quality of life, a traditional joint replacement surgery requires longer time for recovery.

Rapid Recovery Joint Replacement Surgery employ a new surgical technique to address this, thereby minimizing patients’ pain and discomfort following joint replacement surgery while getting them back on their feet and restoring their level of function in the shortest time possible.

This new technique focus to accelerate all aspects of a patient’s recovery process. This includes accelerating their physical, mental and physiological recovery following surgery. Physical recovery includes restoring a patient’s level of function, strength and range of movement. Mental recovery includes the elimination of concerns, and the return of self-confidence and the state of feeling balanced and whole. Physiological recovery takes all the major body systems into account.

Further, knee, hip & shoulder replacement is not just recommended for aging adults. There are number of active adults & athletes, who are also diagnosed with knee, hip and shoulder conditions and need total joint replacement surgery. In an effort to reduce the pain related with the surgery &aid patients in resuming their daily activities sooner, Dr. Pradeep and other physicians at HMH treat their patients with a new pain management technique named as Rapid Recovery, based on their medical history. This new procedure helps patients to recuperate from surgery quicker with less discomfort.

In short – A Rapid Recovery Joint Surgery means:

  • 3 hours to walk
  • 3 days to go home
  • 3 weeks to a better life

Benefits with Rapid Recovery Joint Replacement Surgery

The following are the benefits achieved with Rapid Recovery Joint Replacement Surgery:

  • Earlier mobilization & quicker rehabilitation.
  • Decreased hospital stay
  • Rapid recovery
  • Major reduction in pain.
  • Removal of mental scar related with undergoing joint replacement surgery.
  • More comfortable experience for patients.
  • Quick mobilization & discharge results in lesser rates of post-operative risks such as blood clots, chest infections, wound infections, thrombophlebitis and nausea and so on.
  • Eliminates the need for PCA opioids, epidurals and nerve blocks
  • Increased patient satisfaction

Rapid Recovery Program Stages to Control Pain

  • Stage one starts prior to the operation, where the patient receives medications that treat various pain pathways.
  • In the first stage itself medications are given prior to the surgery so that they start working when the patient awakens in recovery room.
  • Stage two begins during the operation, i.e. when patient receives a long acting local anesthetic & an anti-inflammatory medication into tissues adjacentto the hips or knee.
  • Stage three onsets after the successful completion of the surgery, i.e. when patients receive medications that aim diverse pain pathways &reduce the use of narcotics.
  • In the final stage though the treatment starts after surgery it continues throughout the hospital stay.

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