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Hyderabad Multi-specialty hospital offers state-of-the-art diagnostic & interventional radiology services which includes X-Ray, CT scan, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Bone Densitometry, Ultrasound & Mammography.

Our radiology department holds accreditations in various Radiology services. This intended accreditation process accredits and evaluates high practice standards of all aspects of Radiology subsuming equipment, staff qualifications and procedural practices.

HMH Medical radiology and imaging technology are a unique component of modern diagnostic services. HMH Radiology & Imaging is a synergy of the cutting-edge radio-imaging facilities, skilled radiologists & technicians, so as to offer, the referring doctors & the patients, an overall valuation of alleged diseases or anomalies.

The Department of Radiology at HMH offers highly specialized care to patients who need state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging. Manned by Radiologist and skilled technicians the department works 24/7.

Why HMH for Radiology

At HMH, we have extremely skilled team of Technicians and Radiologists who are having immense knowledge on Radiology services. Our highly advanced technology is a blend of high expertise, which ensures 100% accurate results which aids in building right diagnosis. The facilities subsume: CT Scan (500 Slice), 4D Ultrasound, Advanced MRI (1.5 Tesla), Bone Densitometry, Digital X-Ray, Colour Doppler.

Our Best in Class Technologies & Facilities:

  • Dual Source Dual Energy CT
  • 1.5T MRI and 3T MRI
  • Intra-operative MRI
  • 2D & 3D Digital mammography
  • Ultrasonography
  • Elastography
  • Virtual bronchoscopy
  • Digital X-ray
  • Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA)

Our Expertise & Services:

HMH Radiology & Imaging was started with an aim to provide quick & early diagnosis, detection and guidance to a customized care for the disease. Here are a some of the radiological imaging services offered at HMH;

  • Stress X-ray & arthrography to examine bones & joints for fractures, inflammation, infection, injuries, deformities and diseases such as arthritis
  • Imaging tests to identify bone tumors & metastasis
  • MRI or CT to assess soft tissue damages
  • Image-guided (CT scan & ultrasound) biopsies
  • CT cisternogram to examine spinal fluid flow & potential spinal fluid leaks
  • Arthrocentesis to enunciate joint fluid for infection, arthritis, gout

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