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EMI Options for Joint Replacement Surgeries

What would you do when you have no cash at home, no health insurance and you or someone in your family has been suffering from an illness? You might either postpone the surgery or try to get a LOAN. Understanding this fact and the demonetization period, Hyderabad MultiSpeciality Hospital, offers finance options on Joint Replacement Surgeries and treatments in alliance with a Bajaj Finance Company.

EMI Options for Joint Replacement Surgeries

You can undergo cashless surgery at Hyderabad MultiSpeciality Hospital by availing HAPPY EMI schemes wherein there is no processing fee and available at ZERO percent interest.

Many people are postponing their surgeries due to non-availability of Cash and Health Insurance. Out of social concern, we have taken the initiative to provide cashless treatment even for those who are not insured. This initiative is supported by our team of doctors having experience of performing 10,000+ successful surgeries.

You first have to come and meet us in person so that we can assess your requirements clinically and formulate a treatment plan. Our Office Manager will then discuss the financial implications and offer you this flexible payment option through the financial institution. An executive from the said financial institution will get in touch with you and on submission of the required documents your loan may be approved.

We do not receive any benefits from the transactions. These arrangements are made for the benefit of patients who are not able to afford the procedures and instead opt to deny themselves of their dreams.

Helping everyone afford joint replacement surgeries

Everyone wants to lead a pain-less and healthy life for sure. However, in the recent times due to sedentary lifestyle and other accidents a number of people are experiencing severe movement and instability joint pains, irrespective of the age. Thanks to today’s medical advancements, there are several surgical treatments that can help you achieve that perfect stability you have always dreamed of. They can assist you get rid of your joint pain problems & make you feelbetter and heathier. There are many surgical treatments that help you in achieving healthier pain-less movement. However, most of these are expensive for everyone to afford. Thus, we are offering EMI Options for all Joint Replacement Surgeries at HMH.

If lack of finance is stopping you from taking that plunge towards joint replacement treatments, HMH offers an exceptional Finance option that you can avail off. The main motto behind offering this finance option is to make treatments more affordable to every individual. All you need to do is pay easy monthly installments on time. Now pick from multiple term options & pay accessibly for your large-ticket procedures & surgeries.

EMI Option Benefits

  • Zero Interest Rates
  • Cash less process
  • Quick finance approval
  • Flexible EMI payment plans
  • Paperless Approval Process
EMI Option Benefits

Why we are the best?

  • We successfully performed a number of joint replacement surgeries till date.
  • Our orthopedics hold various recognitions & acknowledgments from all over the world.
  • We house state of the art technology and expert in performing minimal invasive procedures
  • Well-trained staff & special facilities for all patients.
HMH CARE is best for joint replacement surgeries

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