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The Department of Anesthesia offers outstanding patient care for the full spectrum of medical and surgical indications. The services of the department include anesthetic care in preoperative evaluation, operating rooms, intensive care units, catheterization laboratories, recovery rooms.

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Anesthesiologists at HMH strive hard to make the hospital experience as pleasant as possible by offering sedation services at the time of surgeries or procedures and management of acute or severe pain. They not only manage the patient’s anxiety before surgery, but also his/her pain after the surgery. Special emphasis is on supporting the bodily functions and reducing the risks associated with surgery.

Anesthesiologists at HMH, administer medicines that prevent feeling of pain and sensations in patients during surgery & other medical procedures. They are responsible for observing all the vital functions during surgery and through the initial recovery stages post an operation. Further, many of our anesthesiologists work with patients experiencing chronic pain.

Hyderabad MultiSpeciality Hospital Anaesthesiology team provides patients the most cutting-edge Anaesthesiology & pain management options with a comprehensive range of general, local and regional procedures. The team specializes in several aspects of anesthetic management, subsuming obstetrical, pediatric, regional & thoracic anesthesia, & critical care and pain management.

Moreover, our Anaesthesiology staff take part in various aspects of surgical care, subsuming preoperative assessment, monitoring patients at the time of surgery, & afterward in the recovery room. These experts perform a wide range of procedures in diverse categories of anesthesia:

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HMH Anesthesiologists experts are exclusively available round the clock or on-call anesthesiologist committed for emergency operation. The department of Anaesthesiology boasts trained pediatric anesthesiologists who promote the increasing pediatric & neonatal surgery services. Furthermore, we have full-time interventional pain management experts who offer the most state-of-the-art & complete pain management services 24/7 for inpatient referrals & for outpatients.

Services offered by the department are:

  • Sedation Services: for patients who must undergo painful procedures
  • Medical Acupuncture Service: acute and chronic pain management through acupuncture
  • Anesthesia Services: anesthesia and pain management for cardiac (heart), thoracic (lungs) or vascular (blood vessels) surgeries
  • Pain Treatment Services: management and assistance for acute and chronic pain, generally post-operative
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Other Specialized Services of Hyderabad MultiSpecialty Hospital include:

  • Anesthetic care in labor & delivery for labor & cesarean section
  • Advanced peripheral nerve blocks for pain managing post operation
  • Anesthetic care for operational or surgical processes
  • Specialized procedures of regional anesthesia
  • Sedation for services such as cardiology, endoscopy, radiology, emergency room and bronchoscopy
  • Consultation for airway management all through the hospital
Anesthetic care in labor & delivery for labor & cesarean section

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