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Orthopedics is a field of medicine that deals with the diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system. This system includes the bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, nerves and muscles. This important complex system is the basis for our movement, bending, jumping, walking, lifting etc., to perform various daily life activities. Orthopedic doctors may treat the patient surgically or otherwise depending on the extent of injury or disability.


History of Orthopedics

Orthopedics was originally a specialty for the children, the word literally meant “The art of correcting and preventing deformities in children”. It was mainly developed with an intention of treating musculoskeletal abnormalities of babies at birth. Today it covers all age groups ranging from neonates to geriatrics and not just deformities but problems arising out of trauma, degenerative processes, tumor growths or infections.

Over a period of time Orthopedic surgeons have developed and specialized with focus in specific fields such as Joint Replacements, Foot and ankle, Spine, Knee, Hip, Trauma, Sports injuries, birth anomalies etc.

As times have changed Orthopedic care of patients has changed too. Earlier it was just a surgical procedure but now it includes rehabilitation post surgery. Today it incorporates physiotherapy as an integral part of Orthopedic care. The other therapies that are playing a part are exercise therapy, meditation, rehabilitation and other alternative therapies.

The process of Orthopedic treatment at Hyderabad Multispeciality Hospital:

We at Hyderabad MultiSpeciality Hospital believe that correct diagnosis of problem is the key to successful treatment. The Orthopedic doctors at Hyderabad Multispeciality Hospital also believe that surgery is not the end of Orthopedic care, but to rehabilitate the patient into daily life. Our approach is holistic and evidence based. Hyderabad Multispeciality Hospital is equipped with state of the art technology to care for its patients. Correct diagnosis is established by taking full history from the patient and by investigating with the latest equipment. Appropriate customized treatment planning is done by the Orthopedic doctor who then counsels the patient and his/ her attendants. The skilled and compassionate nurses and other paramedical staff take care of the patient in the post operative period. Rehabilitation of the patient starts soon after the surgery by our physiotherapists whom we proudly address as “Movement Specialists”. The treatment is concluded with education regarding prevention of the problem and home care.

Some of the common / main procedures performed by our team of Orthopedic consultants

Joint Replacement - A procedure where an arthritic joint or a damaged joint is removed and replaced with an artificial one either partially or totally.

The treatment of an Orthopedic patient at Hyderabad Multispeciality Hospital usually does not end with discharge from hospital but continues beyond hospitalization.

A person walks in as a patient but goes out as a family member of the Hyderabad Multispeciality Hospital.

Arthroscopy - A process where an Orthopedic doctor visualizes through key hole incisions and diagnoses or treats a problem.

Internal fixation - A method of healing broken bone where plates, pins and screws are used to properly position the broken pieces and allowed to heal.

External fixation

A process where external fixators are applied to the broken/injured limb in case of open fractures where plates, pins or screws cannot be used inside the body. This helps to avoid infections.

Why HMH for Orthopedic Services

Hyderabad MultiSpeciality Hospital is a precise niche for a team of experts skilled in advanced technology & surgical process that aids you to get back to the golf course, tennis court, treadmill, or just doing the hobbies that you love. Our knowledgeable an experienced professionals accurately diagnose the problem & develop acustomized plan of care that abide your unique needs.

We make every possible attempt to try non-surgical treatments prior torecommending any surgery, however when a surgical method becomes the accurate choice you know you are in proficient hands at HMH, wheremany of our physicians are expert in minimally invasive procedures, & fellowship trained in subspecialties of spine, hand & sports medicine field. Moreover, our team is talented to replace all minor and major joints & perform innovativesurgery through latest technology.

Comprehensive Orthopedic Care at HMH

At Hyderabad MultiSpeciality Hospital, we offer comprehensive orthopedic services ranging from diagnosis to rehabilitative therapy. Our professionals offer routine as well as specialized care that ranges from minimally invasive & robot-assisted techniques to non-surgical methods such as physical therapy and injections. Our treatment options also include arthritis treatment, minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures, joint and bone disorders, & musculoskeletal problems.

Common procedures include:

  • Anterior Hip Replacement
  • Tendons, Fractures and Ligament Repair
  • Arthroplasty for knees, shoulders and hips
  • Joint resurfacing
  • Knee repair & reconstruction
  • Minimally invasive surgeries subsuming minimally invasive hip replacement
  • Non-surgical Treatments for knee and hip arthritis
  • Open Reduction Internal Fixation of Tibia,Ankle and other joints & bones
  • Robotically assisted joint replacement techniques
  • Sports Medicine
  • Total & partial joint replacement for knee and hip
  • Traditional hip replacement surgery
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Facilities & Technology

  • Advanced arthroscopic equipment for arthroscopic techniques and surgeries.
  • Image intensifier
  • Multifunctional O.T tables
  • Comprehensive range of general orthopedic instruments
  • Arthroscope
  • Modern tools for spinal surgery
  • AO/ASIF Equipment of Fracture treatment
  • Operating room facilities – C-arm, sophisticated battery operated drills.
  • Equipment for stabilization of fractures
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